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A question on discrete fourier transform

  1. Oct 17, 2012 #1
    i have to take DFT on a signal.

    S(n)= exp[2*pi*j*[A*((Nx)^2)]

    where A is a constant

    Nx = (n-x)

    where n runs from (-N/2) to (N/2-1) and x is some constant between the same limits...

    now i have to take a DFT for this...
    How am i supposed to go about??

    should the DFT multiplicant be exp[-2*pi*j*k*n/N] or exp[-2*pi*j*k*(Nx)/N]

    if i consider Nx then a constant term exp[+2*pi*j*k*x/N] will come out of the summation...
    how does that affect the overall result??

    and how do i do a summation of a exponential with square terms inside?
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