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A question on noncommutative geometry

  1. Nov 17, 2008 #1
    my question is , let be x and y the sides of a rectangle, or let be 'r' and h the radius and height of a cilinder, if we imposed the condition that the commutators

    [tex] [x,y] [/tex] and [tex] [r,h] [/tex] are different from 0 then

    could we 'draw' a rectangle or a cilinder or would we have a similar 'Uncertainty principle' similar to Heisenberg's that would avoid measuring the Areas of rectangles and cilinders?

    another question, if x and y do not commute , how can you define

    [tex] \iint_{D} f(x,y)dxdy [/tex] ?? where 'D' would be a curve that depends on x and y
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