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A question on springs energy

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    i added a picture of the problem!

    when the body is at point A the spring
    is in relaxed status.
    it lengths in relaxed statues is 0.6m

    then a power P =20N is pulling the body to point B AB=0.25m
    i was asked what is his speed when it reaches point B

    so i made an equation that the total work equals the energy in the end
    minus 0 (because there were no energy at the start)
    i got that the speed of the body is square root of 15

    the power P stops working a point B permemantly.
    now i am being asked

    what is the minimal distance that that body will get to the wall?

    i tried to do the equation the bodies kinetic enrgy equals to its spring potential energy
    it doesnt work i get that the amplitude is longer than 0.6m (not possible)
    plz help

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    Tom Mattson

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    My calculation agrees.

    Can we see your steps please?
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