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A Question on Walking

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    I gather that this forum isn't designed for people who don't study physics, especially those who come to ask relatively simple questions but I am in need of an answer. A friend and I had a debate over walking. Neither of us has much experience in physics, although he seems to have a better understand than I do.

    Anyway, the question is if two people are walking at the same speed and then only one person speeds up and then slows down, therefore being ahead of the other person, are they still walking the same speed if the distance between them does not grow? I apologize if the wording leads to misunderstanding; for some reason it is difficult for me to put that into words.

    Any answer or reply seeking clarification is appreciated.

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    They are going the same speed.

    Look at Nascar Racing. One car might be 5 metres ahead, but if you watch the stats they are going the same speed, which explains why they rarely or never pass each until one slows down and/or speeds up.
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