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A question regarding enquiry

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    Can the enquiring spirit in us be ever quenched?


    1. Suppose, science finds the fundamental particle...next question
    can be...What mechanism caused this fundamental particle?....or.....How it came about?
    If someone says, it has been always there...one can ask...What is the mechanism through which something can be eternal? and so on....

    2. Suppose, someone finds God and says that He/She/It exists eternally/necessarily...next question can be...Why only He is a necessarily existing creature and not some other one? or What mechanism leads to necessary existence? and so on....

    In a nutshell, can questions ever end?
    Any thoughts, not necessarily serious ones....
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    Why would you want it to be ???
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    I don't want it to be...
    Mine is a dispassionate question.
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    Sorry, this topic is too close to philosophy and religion -- two topics we avoid here.
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