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A question to engineers

  1. Oct 18, 2009 #1
    I am interested in mechatronics or electrical engineering, and I enjoy things such as electronics and programming as a hobby, mechanics as well.

    I do however, have some mild essential tremor, which means that my hand trembles slightly when I move it(not parkinson's, this is benign). Although it's completely manageable at 18, I don't know if it'll get worse as I get older.

    I am wondering if it would affect my soldering abilities if in the future I do such an engineering field. Mechatronics for example. Does it include very fine motor skills? Do I need ultra-precise hands for such a thing? Do engineers need to demonstrate fine motor skills or is that up to the factory robots...
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    well certainly fine motor skills are useful for school, being able to prototype boards. But in the work place you will rarely get your hands dirty with a solder.

    There is no reason to not enter in to mechatronics due to jittery hands, Robotics is my absolute favourite subject and I personally wouldn't let something like that get in the way.

    but I must say, if you are able to write you will be able to solder what you need to.
    even if you can't you will still be able to do 99% of the work required for your course.

    (and you could always develop a robotic hand with a motion filter to eliminate your jitter.) truthfully they already have... they use them for very precise surgery.
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    oops double post
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