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A question

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    i have been wondering...

    1)how does gravity induce a thermodynamic reaction (specifically)
    2)can the behavior of gravitrons be predicted or are they virtual partically (specifically: can they be controled in the same way other sub-atomic particles can such as the electrically charged ones.)

    p.s.:i like the new look of the forums
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    Simple, at sufficiently large mass, the gravitational forces become greater then the electronic forces which seperate the atoms. At this point the neucleons come into close enough proximity to alow heat producing nuclear reactions to occur.

    I am assuming this is what you mean by thermodynamic. In reality thermodynamic is a much broader term, to such an extent that all interactions of forces is thermodynamic in nature. In other words thermodynamics is so fundamental that, at some level, it is involved in every interaction of forces, what ever they may be.
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    thank you for the reply (and by thermodynamic i meant thermonuclear, sorry)
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