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A Quick Introduction

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    Hi everyone! My full name is Mohammad Arif Izzuddin and you can call me Arif. I'm from Central Celebes, Indonesia.
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    Welcome to PF...!
    What else can you tell us about yourself Arif? How old are you? What brings you here to PF?
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    i'm 17 and senior high school student. i just found this forum after i googling about david morin's exercise solutions. i just join the physics olympiad in my country. I hope this forum can help me about the solutions of physics problems especially for classical mechanics.
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    Im 17 too...! Im from India and yes, this forum will help you a lot, but only if you are prepared to spend time on it. Have fun..!
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    What about you? What brings you here?
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    Aah! A passion for physics, a desire to test myself, to meet new people (like you...!) and to learn from the best. I found out after coming here about how peacefully one could present their arguments and also learnt to be modest when acknowledging that you could have gone wrong. This place is changing the way I study. No regrets till now, brother.
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    Wah, very nice brother. I've followed you.
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    That was unnecessary, but as you wish. Feel free to move around the forum. You can message me if you require anything, or want to continue this conversation. Personally, I would like to, because we are from two different nations and it is always nice to talk to someone your own age.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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