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A quick question on logarithms

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    I've been working on logarithms in my calculus class and I came acrossed one with a square root. Since I am new to these types of problems I'm not sure how to work with this yet.

    How would I solve something such as loge[square root of e]
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    Welcome to PF, Antisubs12.

    Do you know another (equivalent) way to write

    [tex]\log_{a}x^y = ?[/tex]
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    Well, [itex]\ln\sqrt{e}=\ln e^{1/2}=\frac{1}{2}\ln{e}=\frac{1}{2}[/itex]. Where the second equality comes from the rule ln(a)^b=b ln(a)
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    how would you write square root of e in expediential form? After you do that ask your self what law of logs will help you make the problem more workable.
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    ah thanks, i had forgotten there was a way to write square roots in exponential form. I can handle things from here. Thanks again.
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