A quickie

  1. What does it mean when a persons username comes up with a thick black line through it?
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  3. ZapperZ

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    That person has gone to PF's neverland - he/she/it has been banned.

  4. They didn`t have a GOOBF card!
  5. Ha quality i knew that lazy rabbit robin parsons wouldnt last long before he got da boot!
  6. matthyaouw

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    First bans are usually temporary i think, so he may be back.
  7. Evo

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    It's not his first, he should have laid low. :frown:
  8. matthyaouw

    matthyaouw 1,149
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    It's not? Does that mean its not temporary this time?
  9. Evo

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    Yep, the Lapin is dead. :frown:
  10. I didnt even get much chance to have fun with him. Who kicked him out? was it you mom?
  11. I was dissapointed in his rabbit incarnation. His previous life as a bird was more interesting.
  12. Evo

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    No, not me.
  13. Hi Evo,

    Ahem... *entirely* urelated, I was wondering if there were any LD posts that you personally found interesting?

    Not that I am trying to track down why he was banned, mind you. (I realize it must sound like that.) I just am curious which of his threads you thought were intriguing (wink wink.)
  14. enigma

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    Guys, not only is it in poor taste to discuss someone when he can't defend himself, the moderators aren't going to do it.

    RP got a permanent ban, that means any other screennames he creates will get a permanent ban as well. The same rules apply for everyone else who gets perma-banned.
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