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A rare breed of online IQ test

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    That doesn't artificially inflate your results. So I'm curious to see how accurate it is (perceived to be) among the 'general population'.

    43 minutes to solve out 38 pattern recognition problems. I scored 113 (SD15). Way less than what I usually get in this kind of online IQ games (130s/140s), but a much more believable score if I'm honest with myself.

    It's from Japan and might be one of the most accurate free IQ tests one can find on the internet. If you have the courage to face an ego crushing truth by the end of it, go ahead and try to ace it. Post your results here.

    It's never enough to repeat these tests should be taken for fun only, of course.

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    By the way, I'm in no way associated with this test or its creator. I'm just sharing a curiosity.
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    IQ tests are pretty much meaningless, particularly the random on-line ones. If you take a pattern recognition test, you have tested your ability to recognize patterns, you have NOT tested your intelligence in anything but an almost meaninglessly limited way.
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    Well, depends on the context. In a clinical setting IQ tests are useful tools that help psychologists assess the patients' cognitive health/limitations (relevant in early school admission to adapt educational plans to the needs of the intellectually challenged or gifted and relevant in psychiatric evaluations).

    But for the vast majority of the 'healthy' population, yes, I would say that knowing one's IQ is of limited to no practical use. IQ is not a synonym of 'intelligence', and 'intelligence' is not a quantifiable quality.

    In any case, one can still entertain IQ tests just for the fun of it or the challenge or simple curiosity. Nothing wrong with curiosity. It's pertinent to verify possible correlations between different tools.
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    Online IQ tests are games, that's all. The internet is full of them and they have no meaning as far as a measure of IQ. Anyone that wishes to play them can do so any time. Thread Closed.
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