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A real big toughie. Takes some time.

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    Teacher made and posted this as an extra bonus, thought you guys might be interested ^^.

    Always I ask first to qualify one must figure out the form that I write in. The profession of the creator of the form sometimes is of import, knowing how evil I am one should also consider that. Perhaps even one famous who uses this form. As such I also ask as usual much like December that those who wish to try this must also create their own original poem of the same form.

    ---New Poem---
    I have labored a few days, to my regret found nothing,
    To help me create a reasonable level of difficulty,
    I admit that the task in creating fairness in a puzzle
    Proved harder than what was expected today
    Much of what I did was for naught but waste,
    Therefore almost all was thrown away of my notes.

    So now then I have created a new set of notes,
    To begin with the least amount; which is, as always, nothing,
    My ideas sprung like a phoenix from the ashes of my waste
    What I had in mind before was with limits impossible in difficulty,
    However there should not be any delay, and so for today,
    Gasp and deplore my audience for this is the start of the puzzle.
    As always I do ask to always look at the past while considering what has come to never ever take anything for granted. If taken for granted nothing would happen, if done right my friend prophecy is what is being looked for.

    Think of me multiplying the day by the month to the color found within one of my beloved places as for the first and the name as the third.

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