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A real funky issue this time

  1. Mar 26, 2005 #1
    Am I the only person who has random issues with pf? Check out the following screenshot:


    This one was a bit weird, after I refreshed it was back to normal.

    To clear things up, the issue is on the left hand side in MB's area. The science advisor thing was her avatar according to the rollover text, and it was clickable as well. One of the smilies was a link to pf contribution, with the rollover text as well.
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    I don't see any way that that could be an issue with the site; it looks like a purely browser-related issue to me. Are you using the latest version of Firefox?

    - Warren
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    Yes, I am using 1.02 i686. This is the first time it ever happened with smilies on the side. What is more often for me is the one that happened in this screenshot, where things seem to get cut off. (ie, http://img125.exs.cx/img125/3049/mihscreenshot29sm.png )

    This only happens maybe once a day, and usually a refresh fixs it, I am just curious as to if there is a solution.
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    Man,that Moonbear part is :rofl: You got a net browser with a sense of humor,u should be proud,instead of angry.

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    That is pretty funny Matt. I like the smiley next to "science advisor" :surprised
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    Yeah that surprised one next to science advisor is pretty funny. Maybe you all are right, my browser just has a good sense of humor.
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    LOL! That's pretty funny! Maybe your browser knows me too well. :rofl:
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