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A real PF'er!

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    Who's a real PFer? I mean a good member who's not wasting his/her and other member here!

    I don't think I'm a good member because:

    1. I'm too argumentative in GD.
    2. I'm always chitchating.
    3. I create lots of useless threads.
    4. I eve hijack my own threads!
    5. I usually spend my time in GD.
    6. I'm usually difficult to understand not for everyone of course.

    So what do you think of yourself? And do you think I could change myself?
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    Why do you need to change yourself?
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    Because I want to spend more time out f GD. But as long as I don't avoid chitchating, it's impossible!
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    Yeah, I have trouble getting out of here too.
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    1. Nobody said you are argumentative. Self-claiming yourself isn't so ...valid.
    2. Its a bad thing.
    3. Again, a bad thing. Known as TROLLING
    4. You can't do that.
    5. Good for you.
    6. Your not difficult to understand. Stop self-claiming yourself.
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