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A Reason for Everything

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    From the Dionysus Forums' thread, A Reason for Everything ...

    Well let's say we put it this way. There is a reason for everything, right? If so, then that must put reason high and above everything else on the list then, right? So what else can we possibly conclude, except that reason is God? (or, the direct manifestation thereof).

    Indeed, once we stray from reason, don't we we in fact find ourselves in error or, to put it more succinctly, "in sin?" Therefore, I would attest to you, that the Christian God -- if in fact He is omniscient -- is none other than the God of reason. And I would also attest, that this is the same God the Atheists worship, in their worship of Reason. :smile:

    So tell me, what do you get when you hang reason up on the cross? ... "T-reason."
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    Sure there is reason. But ultimatly there is reaction to every action. But you can still stay that action is "God". But perhaps there was no action to begin this step. Perhaps this an infinite loop to and nothing but reactions, with no action. Perhaps the end of our universe is a beginning to another. But the energy force within "all" is forever.
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    To deny reason is to lie, and lying is a sin.
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    That's a good one. Will have to remember that. :wink:
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    And when atheists observe that any current specific god - christianity included - does not fit the description of a being neccessitated by god, the whole thing falls down like a house of cards.
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    Except that you're using reason to hold up your end of the story as well. Whereas if you were to understand the Christian God, in the truest sense, you would understand that He was nothing but Love which, He administers through His reasonableness. :smile:

    By the way, have you had a chance to visit Dionysus Forums?
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