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A review of LQG literature.

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    Is there some review article which covers the most important literature?

    Something like this:
    but for lqg and spin foam models?

    if there is also up to date list of string literature that would be terrific as well.
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    Rovelli's 2008 review article
    http://relativity.livingreviews.org/Articles/lrr-2008-5/ [Broken]

    You point to Don Marolf's 2003 graded catalog of pedagogical resources, including websites, popular articles, books, and professional articles classified by level (introductory, advanced,...). That's primo, almost defines a new kind of review article. It lists 120 sources including much that is online. I don't happen to know anything recent (like 2008-2010) that is comparable.

    Rovelli's 2008 Living Reviews article is online, has 300 source articles, has a lot of URL links, and gives an overview as of May 2008. It is however organized differently, more like the traditional scholarly survey.

    If you find other useful stuff, please post it! Particularly if it is recent (post-2007).

    I keep a bunch of QG links handy here:
    Not complete in any sense, or especially focused.

    Since you mentioned Don Marolf's 2003 article, you might be interested to know that he is organizing the July 2010 GR19 conference---where there will be parallel sessions on LQG and on String. There is a 2 week QG school just preceding the GR19 which Marolf was instrumental in funding and setting up, designed for advanced grad students and others who want to get into QG research.
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