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A riddle and word problems

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    1.A logician is traveling in a country where the inhabitants are of two
    types. Members of one group always tell the truth, the others lie. The
    traveler comes to the fork in a road and has to ask a native bystander
    which branch he should take to reach the village. He has no way of telling
    whether the native sitting beside the road is a truth-teller or a liar.
    What one question can the traveller ask which will tell him which road to
    take to the village.

    2.It's as far from Witt to Pitt as from Kitt to Mitt
    It's as far from Sitt to Bitt as from Ditt to Mitt
    Mitt is on a straight line north from Sitt to Pitt
    Mitt is on a straight road east from Witt to Bitt.
    Kitt is 8 miles north of Witt and 8 miles west of Pitt
    Ditt is 6 miles south of Bitt and 6 miles east of Sitt
    How far is it from Witt to Sitt
    How far is it from Pitt to Bitt
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    1. "Where would the other type send me?"
    2. 10 miles each.
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    1) "If I asked you which was the road to the village, what would you tell me?"

    A "truth teller" would, of course, tell me the correct road to the village and would tell me that.

    A "liar" would tell me the wrong road but he would have to lie about what he would tell me so either way, the answer is the correct road to the village.

    2) 3-4-5 right triangle!
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    , HallsofIvy!
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