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A Riddle

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    Sam and Alex are first cousins. Lee and Morgan are twins. But Sam and Alex are more closely related to each other than are Lee and Morgan, in terms of genetics. How did this happen?
    Good luck! :tongue2:
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    ---->Lee and Morgan aren't each others' siblings?<----
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    Allex' mother and father are, respectively, Sam's mother's identical twin sister and Sam's father's identical twin brother. The twins are fraternal twins, by definition could have different fathers.
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    Fraternal twins are Lee and Morgan. Sam and Alex resulted from incest where their father impregnated both of his twin sisters. Nevertheless, I'm assuming there is more than one answer to that riddle.
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    That wasn't the one I was thinking of, but it works!
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    It could happen without incest.
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    20questions, that's the answer I meant. :biggrin:
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