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A Robotic Suit

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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://www.sciam.com/media/inline/A070BA0E-9DA1-A982-E2844D04DDC05DC6_1.jpg [Broken]
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    My friend showed me the video of the Raytheon one, and reading the title I thought it was the same video clip and rolled my eyes before clicking. However, I must say, this looks MUCH MUCH more advanced and better than the one from Raytheon. I dont know how they compare peformancewise, but this one looks amazing. :!!)

    Hahah, its called 'HAL'


    Please disengage the suit HAL, "Im sorry, I cant do that dave"

    Damn those japs are good at technology.
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    Is it just me or do those suits look like much clunkier versions of things like knee braces that we already have?
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    Knee braces don't let you lift 300lbs.
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    Vengeance for nerds has come! Imagine walking around the schoolyard like this. :biggrin:
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    i can already lift 300lbs, does that mean that now i'll be able to lift 600?
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    Probably pretty expensive right now.
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    Remember, no curry before getting strapped in.
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    I mentioned the military application versions of this to Favaro (on a forum he started for fan input) to possibly use in the Iron Man movie. I also mentioned several other sorts of real technology that he could have used as part of the story and explination of how the suit works or was designed. While I liked the movie I was rather disappointed that he didn't use ANY real technology to describe how the Iron Man suit works. :-/
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    The Japanese never cease to amaze/ scare/ confuse/ hilliariate (is that a word? Anyways, make me laugh)...
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    No, now you'll be able to lift 300lbs without giving yourself a hernia.
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    meh i've gone as high as 405 and my groin is fine.
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