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A rock that rattles?

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    A rock that rattles??


    i have this rock that my father gave to me before he died.

    its an egg shaped rock but i doubt its an egg of any kind but i dont know, and when you shake it it rattles as if there is something inside of it. I am wondering what could be inside of it.

    Does anyone have any idea what might be inside of it?? or what might this rock be?

    Thank you.
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    Re: A rock that rattles??

    Insufficient information. Try posting a picture, preferably with a ruler, so that we can see the size. Without having seen it, one possibility is that it might be a geode. If so, the likkeliest thing inside would be a piece of quarta crystal. You might try http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geode for a description. Don't rattle it too hard; you are likely to spoil it.



    PS, Why is this question not in the earth sciences forum?
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    Re: A rock that rattles??

    Unless it is an artifical construct then my vote is also for geode. Frankly I cannot think of anything else it could be.
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    Re: A rock that rattles??

    I found an egg-shaped rattling rock when I was 7. From rock books, I decided it was a geode.
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    Re: A rock that rattles??

    mk has it! This egg shaped rock is probably a geode which is a hollow rock formation that may have had some of its interior shaken loose... and now it rattles when it shakes. Could make a good earthquake alarm system...!
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