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A rose is a rose is a rose

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    The Quote is from Gertrude Stein.

    So I thought that my tripod was too light for the new lens and I got myself a new one. I decided to try it today on a rose, which happened to be available. Working with available light (not a lot), lowest ISO and optimum aperture (F11) gave shutter speeds in the range 1-2 seconds.

    So trials with various scenarios gave these results.


    Which one do you like the most? Any other background color that I should try?

    I decided to proceed with the last one, tentatively, and the crops in the lower center and right are lize size from that one. The center one as the standard camera jpg output and the right one after some manual processing of the Raw image, some sharpening, white balance adjustment a lot of chrominance noise reduction and a touch of luminance noise reduction.

    The result on 25% size:


    Tips, requests? suggestions? The rose is still available, but obviously it is changing shape fast
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    Beautiful roses. The quote is often misquoted as you have done in the Title. The correct quote is in the link you provided.
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    Not to derail the thread, but I've wondered why that line isn't just considered a paraphrase (at best - plagarism at worst) of Shakespeare?

    Anyway, those pics are nice, but I prefer better lighting, plus having some shadows. They seem a little flat to me.
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    I like the last picture best. Not that I'm in a position to advise, but how about the strategic placing of an insect, a shallower depth of field, and a single point light source?
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    I like IMG_6459... I dunno, something about the angle and the way the petals are for the rose is really appealing.

    I think if there was a shadow.. Either angled back to the left or right, would make it look 10x better though.

    Otherwise, awesome pics :)
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    I like IMG_6446 the most, also IMG_6456...nice pics
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    Okay, for Drizzle:



    Brewnog, sorry, no cooperative insects around, but a shallower debth of field may not be a good idea:


    Then the other suggestions, some variations in light source (filtered sunlight) as well as color tones:



    Direct sunlight appears not to be a good idea.

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    Probably some mix of ambient light and a side light to make the texture more prominent will be the best choice, but not having good light sources ad working with just things that are available at home it is challenging.

    I like some of the pictures more, but it is hard to name them - I would probably select 6459 for further trials by myself, then I like the one that goes under the file name 8zjll4.jpg. But they differ in size and it means they differ in details - and that makes a tremendous difference when it comes to the overall effect. Pictures that are stunning when displayed full screen often become dull when sized down.

    Still, nice work, there is nothing like playing with a new piece of hardware :smile:
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    Actually there was yet another one that I selected for further trials. This one was all sharpness sacrified to reduce the chroma noise as much as possible together with some creative color management to minimize the tone difference between the petals and daylight.


    The next shot is called "high key" effect but in reality it was invented to minimize the use of printing ink. :tongue:

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    cheers Andre, they look a lot more nicer now :smile:
  12. Nov 3, 2009 #11
    There happened to be another vase of roses around:



    For wall paper perhaps, the same shots here and here, in 1599 x 1066 pixels which seems to be tinypic's limit, Unfortunately it does not allow uploading the original size (4272 x 2848). But pm me and I can mail those.
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