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A sad day for swedes

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    interesting no one had much to say about this, but if Bush was stabbed, the thread would have run several pages!

    i hadn't heard much about her, but from the articles you reference, she had quite a good reputation...perhaps one day America will allow more female leaders and we will see where our country goes
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    I hope they'll start attaching security personel to
    public officials from now on. I mean their president
    was also murdered cause he was, at that time, without
    protection. It's admirable, but unfortunetly it seems
    reality is not. I know it doesn't really matter at this
    stage but I hope that it wasn't just because of her political
    views, I mean it's really awful to commit a murder just because
    you don't want to use Euros or some other petty problem like that.

    Peace and long life.
  5. Sep 14, 2003 #4
    Looks like the murderers got what they wished for...


    Newspapers here were reporting a 1% lead for the Pro-Euros this morning. Things just didn't turn out that way, I guess.
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