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News A second Guantanamo

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    although it should be classified as the first one since it was there before, detaining the Palestinian people without even a trial, before the real Guantanamo propaganda started….


    Is Israel trying to terrify those people……
    the only thing to ensure (((safety)) to Israel is to get rid of every single Palestinian life ….
    Which I see is what it tries to do just adding the legality circumstances to it so no one will blame them….
    although it didn’t care if the whole world is against its policy….. why would the Palestinian people handle the suffering for almost 60 years….
    those people are tough ….they will not surrender and they are not COWARDS ….
    If they were….then from the first strike they’ll run away even to the sea sailing till peacefully die .....
    but they didn’t…. they have a belief …
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    I wonder how many people have been held in the other Cuban (Castro's) prison over the years without a trial?
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