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Medical A 'sensitive' question

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    I made that question because [pppsssss MoonBear or any moderator, I am not talking dirt around here..] I'd like to understand what kinds of muscle fibers make up human penile gland. My neighbor once had some salt over it and he just yelled, screamt for hours. Im truthful!
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    Re: English

    Lol... the urethra, just inside the meatus (tip), is a mucous membrane, so it is sensitive.
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    The penile glans has the highest concentration of nerve endings in the male's body, so it is no wonder why it is so sensitive.
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    Okay, a few terminology issues to deal with first.

    The glans penis is not a "gland." It is the head of the penis, which is a continuation of the corpus spongiosum muscle, and in uncircumcised men is covered by the prepuce (foreskin). However, the muscle has nothing to do with pain sensation on the external portion of the penis, as that is covered by skin.

    There is indeed a high amount of innervation to that area, primarily from the dorsal nerve of the penis, which is a branch from the pudendal nerve. The rest of the penis also receives innervation from cavernous nerves of the penis (into the corpus cavernosum muscle) which are branches off of the prostatic plexus of nerves.
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