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A shocker - regarding bicycles?

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    My rear wheel's overall tension droped and needed retruing after 3 weeks of riding. The mechanic claimed that it was because I was too heavy plus the fact that I have two D locks installed on the bike.

    First of all is it true that 100kg-110kg weight on a low range new road bike is too much?

    The mechanic then suggested i take one D lock off the bike and put it in my backpack instead. That would mean less wieght on the frame but I would have to carry it so I would be exerting more force downwards so no net decrease in tension in the wheel. Correct?
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    Have you read the replies given in your other threads? Answers await.
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    If you went to a shop in the first place like Chroot and others had suggested to get a proper fit, they probably would have warned you about such things. Looks like you are going to need to get stronger rims and tires. They will be heavier but at least they will have a better chance of staying true until you can switch back to the other ones.

    And yes obviously mounting the D-lock on the bike and carrying it in a backpack is probably not a solution to the problem. Seeing as it would be shifting even more weight to the back of the bike(I guess assuming how you ride, but either way the effect would not be enough to solve anything..) and putting more stress on the rear tire which you are having problems with...

    ps: 2 D-locks? Thats a lot of weight.
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    Chi Meson

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    I forgot. Was this a new bike? or a new wheel? Because all new wheels go out of true in the first 100 miles. No matter how they are built, there is some stretch in the spokes, and some maleability in the spoke holes in the hubs. After re-truing, the wheels usually stay in good shape for years.

    I don't think that any shop mechanic would not know that though.
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