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A Simple Nomenclature Problem

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    I decided to be clever and name my computer Cuniculus (so the prompt will be [oryctolagus@cuniculus], hurr). I've always explained that my handle was the genus to which the European rabbit belonged. So what is cuniculus? The species to which the Euopean rabbit belongs? The reason why I ask is that I often use the binomial nomenclature of animals to name things, and I don't want to be ignorant of exactly how I'm butchering it. Sorry to be so trivial--consider it a thought exercise.
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    It seems that "cuniculus" is literally Latin for rabbit (using a Latin translator). The common European rabbit is known as Oryctolagus cuniculus, the first word being the genus and the latter being the species. Interestingly cuniculus is also a genus for two species of small rodent; Cuniculus paca and Cuniculus taczanowskii
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