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Homework Help: A simple physics question

  1. Aug 24, 2007 #1
    If a baseball was thrown from each end of a football field toward the opposing goal post, and a third ball was thrown straight up from the center of the field so that all three balls pass the same point at the same time (assuming they don't collide)

    What principles are needed to describe the event at the moment they intersect?
    How can each ball be described and distinguished from the other two, from the description can it be determined if the third ball was on its way up or down at the moment of intersection.

    If the three balls were identical to start with, is there any difference between the three balls at the moment they pass the same point and time

    Thank you for addressing my simple physics question

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    Well, one obvious difference is that they have different velocity vectors.
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    You could paint them different colours... we don't have to distinguish things purely by their classical dynamics variables.
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    cool you are quick...:)

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