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A Simple Problem that seems to elude me

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    My mind is blank for some reason as I can't seem to figure out how to set up this problem...

    It takes Steve and Dale together 10 hours to paint a house.

    Steve takes 30 hours by himself.

    How long would it take Dale to paint the house my himself?

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    Steve paints houses at a rate of (1 house)/(30 hours). Assuming Steve has a linear rate of painting, we have 3*(1/30) = 1/10, which means Steve paints 1/3 of a house in 10 hours. Can you continue ? :smile:
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    Steve paints 1 house in 30 hours or 1/3 house in 30/3 = 10 hours

    That means that Dale has to paint the other 2/3 of the house in the 10 hour period.

    Working backwards for Steve, to get from the 10 hours together to his single total, we multiply 10 by 3/1 = 30 hours.

    So, for Dale, we have to multiply 10 * 3/2 to get 30/2 or 15 hours to paint the house by himself.

    I think...
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    Yes,15hrs is the correct answer... :smile:

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