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A simple question about Quantum theory

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    Can quantum be applied to the larger scales in the universe and what would be the affect of uncertainty and exclusion.

    If the answer is yes where can I get the answer to a calculation I am interested in.
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    Simon Bridge

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    depends what you mean by "quantum".
    Quantum mechanics underpins all physics we know ... so it must apply to the large scale.
    What usually happens is that the quantum effects average out to give the classical results.
    You would not expect to see things like quantization with large units.
    An example of a quantum effect visible on a large scale would be Black-Body spectrum as applied to stars.
    Just what you see around you.
    Pauli exclusion and Heisenberg's uncertainty are important on very small scales when you are being very precise. Large scale measurements are unlikely to be accurate enough to run foul of Heisenberg's uncertainty for example.
    Depends on the calculation.
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    Many quantum effects are observable macroscopically.
    Electron diffraction, ditto neutron diffraction. Scanning Tunnelling microscopy, photoelectric effect.

    But if you're looking for a quantised Elephant...unlikely.

    George Gamow wrote an amusing book on the topic - 'Mr Tompkins in Paperback'
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