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Homework Help: A simple question on weights

  1. Nov 30, 2006 #1
    Hi all

    WOnder if you could quickly explain how to calculate this?

    I need to understand how to calculate weigth 'a' which 10 cm to the left of the shaft from the top of a T shaped tower when weight 'b' is 4kg's 10cm from the shaft and weight 'c' is 2kg's and another 10 cm along on the opposite side?

    is there a basic calculation involving the known weights and the distances involved?

    Many thanks
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    Sounds like you need to add up the torques about the rotational axis and adjust weight a to balance out the net torque to zero. What are the defining equations for torque calculations (like it asks you in the homework posting template that you did not use -- please use it in the future).
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