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A Simple yet complicated question.

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    The problem is "Find the slope of the line passing through the two points and indicate whether the line rises or falls."

    Now I figured out that the answer was -2/2,= -2 and that it falls, but I'm not sure if they want me to simplify in this particular case. Any ideas? Because the answer can simplifly to -1 and falling.
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    First off, the question makes no sense. You didn't give us enough detail.

    Second off, it looks to me like you are just getting your homework done on here, which isn't allowed. This is the 2nd post i've seen which resembles quesitons like this.

    Paden Roder
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    well, all you have to do is get the gradient....

    m = \frac {y_2 - y_1} {x_2 - x_1}
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    That's what I did. Just wasn't sure if I needed to simplify it or not. I'm still having trouble getting this down as I'm studying for a big test.
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    Well then, if the gradient is negative, it will be falling and it if it's positive it will be rising.
    Since the gradient has the same meaning as the 'rate'.

    If the rate of water from the tank is decreasing by 35mm (having a gradient of -35)...
    then the water level will be falling.
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    Falling was my conclusion, but it also asks by how much it is rising of falling. The answer to my equation was -[tex]\frac {2_2}[/tex] but that can be reduced to -[tex]\frac {1/1}[/tex]. Although, since this is graphing, I wasn't sure if that was necassary.
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    Simplify it, then look at the result to determine how fast it's rising or falling. Usually you leave it as an improper fraction (like 5/2), but you make sure it's a simplified improper fraction (not like 10/4).

    A slope of -1 means it falls down one unit for every unit you move to the right. A sloe of 1 means it climbs one unit for every unit you move to the right. A slope of -2/3 means it falls two units for every three units you move to the right.
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    -2/2 = -2 is certainly wrong:
    -2/2 = -1

    When you go 2 to the "right" you go 2 down, so the slope is minus 1. The slope would be minus 2 if you would have to go 2 down when you go 1 to the right.
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