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Homework Help: A Single and A Double Slit Question

  1. Jun 18, 2008 #1
    Two questions (I've got my AP Physics exam tmr :S)

    1. What is the angular width of the the central maximum produced by a single slit of width 0.0011 cm if illuminated by blue light of a wavelength of 470 nm.

    So I used Sin () = (m+0.5) lamda/w

    2. What is the max. number of bright spots when red light is shone on a pair of double slits 1.4 mm apart when the screen is 1.0 away.

    I think you would use since()m = m(lamda/d) but I get this werid decimal number and you can't have a decimal number of bright spots.

    thanks in advanced
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    help please, my exam is tmr morning :( please
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