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A small doubt on gears

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    I have this doubt on spur gears
    Is it necessary that the pitch circles of the two mating gears need to be tangential? or will a small gap of 0.3mm matter?
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    I think a gap that large will cause slip. Thus I should think they need to be tangential. Hoping for someone to come in and confirm that though.
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    jack action

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    I'm not sure if this is what you're talking about, but you can read about http://www.meccanoscene.co.uk/html/articles/gears/gears.html" [Broken].
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    I think he is talking about circular pitch. In which case I would think this has to be tangential.

    I am trying to find some engineers who might know the exact answer.
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    I always thought that the pitch circle was tangential by definition. Isn't it defined by the line of action?

    [PLAIN]http://www.fi.edu/time/Journey/Time/Lessons/pitchgear.gif [Broken]

    Or are you talking about pitch as in teeth/length?
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