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Homework Help: A small hint

  1. Dec 2, 2005 #1
    Have a look at this question. Tom who is standing on a straight road notices Harry approaching him looking rather angry. Sensing the danger Tom starts his motorbike with a constant acceleration 'a' and assume that Harry is traveling. The question is that Harry has a boomerang with e can throw at a maximum speed of v in relative to himself. Then find the time Harry with himself to throw the boomerang such that it hits Tom.
    It was given to prove that t = (1/v)[(u + v)^2/2a - d)]. I tried with all kinematical equations. I substituted proper variables in the formula but couldn't reach anywhere.
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    My guess would be to write the position of Harry as a function of time and the position of the boomerang as a function of time and see when they are equal.
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