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A small test for your astronomic study IQ

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    A small test for your astronomic study IQ
    This IQ test was designed by me, it is used for recruiting some clever mind's person on studying astronomy. Now I show it to others, for proving whether you are suitable to study astronomy. It is suitable for any level's person.
    q.1: 1, 5, -3, 1, what is the next number?

    A. 4, B. 1, C.-7, D.-4

    q.2: If now you are facing south, then you right turn-->left turn-->left turn 3 times--->right turn 5 times, what is your position facing now?

    A. South B. East C. West D. North

    q.3: If you enter into a broken house, what will you do?

    A. Look around B.Escape C.Take a rest D.Clean it

    q.4: There are 4 books, which book is different?

    A. The history of Chinese Culture B. Chinese thinkers C. Chinese philosophy D. The dispute of ethics


    The answer is:
    1:C: It shows you have a good logical mind.

    2:D: It shows you have good analyzing skills and abilities.

    3:A: It shows you are curious and doubtful on many things, you may have many discoveries in your field.

    4:A: It shows you have strong abilities to distinguish the wrongs and rights, you decision often is very precise.
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    It depends on how much you turn every time you turn, except if you are standing on the north pole, then the answer will always be A.South.
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