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Homework Help: A small thing about diodes

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    The following picture represents the current/voltage graph through a basic p-n junction diode.


    Diodes have a built in potential 0.6 volts. One must overcome this potential to make the diode work. This 0.6V are the nearly flat line in the forward region. Am I right?

    My question is:
    If you connect a diode in a closed circuit with resistance and a battery (+5V), then would Kirchoff work this way?

    0 = 5V - 0.6V - 4.4V

    Is the diode simply -0.6V?

    And one more thing, what happens if the battery is only +0.5V?
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    You are correct. And if the battery is only supplying 0.5V, then you are still on the right side of the plot before Vd, so very little forward current flows.
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