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A Solar House

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    Cornell's award-winning solar house to be auctioned April 7
    By Susan S. Lang

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    Looks like those solar panels will rip right off in a hurricane. Very small too.
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    Mayhap those are for use in Nevada.
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    I am guessing angle can be adjusted depending on a position of the sun. During a hurricane panels can be lowered to horizontal position.
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    Nice, but I already have a solar-powered house. It's a small (~1000 ft2) well-insulated log home with a wood stove and an oil furnace as a backup. The winter has been warmer that usual, but still, it's pretty nice to be able to heat your house on only 3 cords of wood and practically no oil. I have over 8 acres of solar-powered woodlot, and can probably heat this place as long as I live by cutting and burning only dead or damaged trees. I cut up a diseased white ash a couple of days ago and got close to 2/3 cord of wood for next winter, and there's a whole lot more where that came from. We can be a whole lot more self-sufficient as a species if we are willing to disperse instead of concentrating our populations, but I don't see that happening.
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    Aren't the areas that recieve the most intense sunlight in pretty non-hurricaney areas of the country in the US? :)
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