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A somewhat easier liar/truther puzzle

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    As you travel from Rodnag to Gandor, you encounter a fork in the road. There is someone standing there who is either one who always lies or one who always tells the truth and you don't know which. You can point to any road and ask "Is this the road to Gandor?" as many times as you like, but that is the only question you can get an answer to. How to do find the correct road to Gandor?
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    white: you point behind you and ask if thats the road to Gandor, if he says yes, he's a liar, no, he's a truther... then you ask about the other roads.
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    That's right, Gale17.
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    what a fun ^^
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    Isn't the answer to ask him to point at the road that goes to his city? The liar points to truth and so does the truth teller.
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    Also, it doesn't say that the liar and truth-teller come from different cities. They could both be from Gandor.
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    edit: aaaaaaaaaand then i read the post
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