A Source of Anti Matter found

  1. I had not heard of this, so I thought others might be interested.

    I thought that all natural Anti matter had been lost at the beginning of the Universe, but apparently there is a 10000 light year cloud of anti matter near the center of our galaxy:


    Any comments?
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    The article seems to imply that the anti-matter is of recent origin, not from the beginning of the universe. It appears to consist of positrons coming from high energy gamma ray reactions (pair production).
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    Natural anti-matter is being made constantly in the universe, so it isn't that much of a suprise to find a cloud of it. But an interesting read nonetheless.
  5. Hmm, is it a cloud of antimatter or just a cloud of regular matter with enough antimatter to make it glow? How did the antimatter from pair-production get separated from ordinary matter then?
  6. It's not a cloud of pure anti-matter. What happens is that if you heat something hot enough, it will start generating anti-matter/matter pairs. The anti-matter then interacts with the matter and gives you a specific radiation line.

    When you produce an anti-matter/matter pair, the particles go in opposite directions. The anti-matter just continues until it hits some other piece of matter.
  7. If the temperature were low enough to only produce electron-positron pairs, then you could separate them by electric or magnetic fields or whatever, but I guess that is not what is happening here.
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