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A Special Time In Africa

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    Hi guys and gals

    not long back from a 2 week trip to Africa
    first week was in Uganda visiting villages that an organisation called Compassion are doing work in
    to bring the communities up to a better living standard ... health care, fresh water, education etc
    Similar stuff to what UNICEF and Save the Children organisations do, but with higher % of the funds going to where it's needed

    Whilst there, I met my sponsored child and his mom
    The pic taken at Entebbe Airport ( am sure many of the senior members of PF will remember what happened at that airport back in the 1970's)

    Ziwa, his mom Silvie and I


    The second week was in Cape Town, SA. A very interesting experience in a city
    of extremes

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    I really like Ziwa's shirt, so I googled: "shopping in Uganda"
    I found one online retailer, Jumia, and the only prints they sell are labeled "Aztec". :confused:

    Does this mean I have to go shopping in Mexico to get a Ugandan style shirt?
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    LOL maybe
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