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A start with topology.

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    Anyone would like to help me?:
    I started learning some mathematics in university.
    I would like to start learning by my own topology.
    Anyone have a name of a good intro. book in the area?
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    Introduction to topological manifolds by John M. Lee.

    Basic Topology by Armstrong.
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    Munkres is the standard undergraduate textbook. It's helpful to know some analysis though because it will motivate the concepts. Also in many scenarios general topology will feel like analysis except you won't be using a metric, or a distance.
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    I don't really like Munkres. The book by Lee mentioned above is great though. Also, General Topology by Willard is very good. As a reference for point-set topology, Engelking's General Topology and Dugundji's Topology are nice.
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    I'm going to use Munkres this semester, and I'd really appreciate if you could explain what the deficiences of this book are.
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