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A storage problem

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    if something exists, it must be stored somewhere. a program is stored in a hardware, our thoughts are stored in our brains, our bodies are stored in the universe.

    the universe exists, so it has to be stored somewhere. so a storage of universe exists - and it has to be stored somewhere, and a storage of that storage, etc.

    it seems like there should be infinite number of storages.

    what are possible solutions to this?
    .. the universe stores itself?

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    Take it a bit differently. A program is stored in a hardware. A hardware in a Computer. A computer in a room... house... city... country... earth... thus ultimately we reach to Universe. So everything is stored in the universe. What is universe? We can take a piece of wood and say, this is a piece of wood. But we can not say at something that, this is the universe. Because universe is not a thing. Its an idea. All spaces and times, things and energy makes the idea of universe. Universe neednt be stored. Because Universe itself is the idea of Ultimate Storage.
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    I don't agree I think the universe is a thing but yes it is also an idea or concept. Where is the universe stored is a good question and the answer imo should be obvious.
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    If universe is a thing, then it must stored somewhere - ie may be in a superior universe. So if you think like this, it wont end. Now if we think storage is endless, that may be a kind of thought, I agree. But it isnt clear enough. We need to have an idea of the last storage.

    And surely the question is a good one.
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    The Universe is not a thing, it is everything.
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    And everything is a thing.

    So the riddle is... "What can you use to store everything in that takes no room in the storage bin?"
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    That is a word game. Everything is a concept that includes all things.

    So either you are talking about every thing, in which case it can't be in any thing, or you're not talking about every thing.
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    so it exists without being stored?
    I mean.. how can something exist and not be stored?
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    You're arguing a tautology.

    Universe simply means 'every thing that exists'.
    Its a poor definition, because we don't really know what that encompasses, or the nature of what it encompasses.
    And you're getting hung up on the semantics of that definition.

    Saying: if it exists it must be stored, is no different than saying, if it exists it must exist.

    So you end up chasing your tail around the tautology.

    Physicists ran into a similar problem with light. If its a wave there must be a medium for the wave to travel in, an ether. Apparently, there isn't. Light is just weird that way.
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