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Homework Help: A string oscillates

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    A string oscillates according to the equation below.
    y' = (0.50 cm) sin[(π/3 cm-1)x] cos[(45π s-1)t]

    (a) What are the amplitude and speed of the two waves (identical except for direction of travel) whose superposition gives this oscillation?
    cm (amplitude)
    cm/s (speed)
    (b) What is the distance between nodes?
    (c) What is the speed of a particle of the string at the position x = 1.5 cm when t = 9/8 s?

    i have no clue how to do this problem. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks?
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    You must make an attempt at solving problems before being given help at Physics Forums.

    (from https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=5374 )
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