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A suggestion for improving appearance of inline tex

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    Can vertical aligning of inline tex (but without using itex) be set to 'middle' so that text is aligned well? Like:

    [tex]V = K \int_R \frac{dQ}{r_i}[/tex], where [tex]r_i = \sqrt{(x - x_i)^2 + (y - y_i)^2}[/tex] and [tex]dQ = \delta dx_i[/tex]

    If the text and images were all set to 'vertical-align: middle', then it should look a lot better. And it's a simple change.
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    Try the [itex] tag. :smile:
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    Yeah, but that squeezes everything together too tightly.

    [itex]V = K \int_R \frac{dQ}{r_i}[/itex], where [itex]r_i = \sqrt{(x - x_i)^2 + (y - y_i)^2}[/itex] and [itex]dQ = \delta dx_i[/itex]

    If the elements of a paragraph with tex in it can be vertically aligned together, then it should look a lot better without much effort.
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