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A Superior Model Builder

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    I have always been a fan of airplanes and helicopters. I started out in models and wish I had the time to go back to doing them. I came across this and had to pass it along. How cool are these!!!


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    wow that is some intricate work!
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    Holy cow! Those photos are incredible. Love to see the models in person - I'd be stuck there for hours and hours.
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    Just WOW! :bugeye: :tongue2:

    The Joe Martin Foundation Museum and Machine Shop Facility in Vista, CA

    Over 300 metalworking projects exhibiting outstanding craftsmanship at the small end of the size scale.

    Location: 3235 Executive Ridge • Vista • CA 92081 • Phone: (760) 727-9492
    Hours: M-F, 9 AM–4 PM (Closed Holidays) and the First Saturday of each month*, 10 AM–3 PM
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    That is really amazing.
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