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A surface with variable stickyness electrically controlled

  1. Feb 27, 2011 #1
    Anyone that has ever used a clothes dryer has noticed how some fabrics refuse to shed unwanted matter such as hair and lint, which leads to one looking for the lint brush or a sticky tape roller.

    Something occurred to me. What if the inner surface of the rotating drum had a section, with the ability to go from non-sticky to sticky depending on the application of electrical current, thereby capturing unwanted material.

    Imagine a panel, whatever size is needed, that feels like any other common surface. Apply some current and it becomes sticky enough to grab and hold hair and lint.

    I'm not thinking of an ordinary electrostatic device but a surface that demonstrates real stickiness, akin to masking tape.

    While I first pictured this in my clothes dryer, I believe a stick/no stick panel would be something that would rely on a fundamental property that must have been explored by any number of researchers.

    Any ideas on this?
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