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A surreal experience

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    The other day I was waiting at a stoplight and this gentleman crossed the street in front of my car. He was dressed fairly conservatively with a bow tie and a somewhat dated suit, but he wasn't that old. Sorry for the stereotype, but... he was dressed kind of nerdy. He reminded me of one of my old math teachers.

    The surreal part, though, came when I got a good look at his face. He had thin, light brown hair, glasses... and looked almost exactly like Stephen Hawking. :bugeye: Well, how I think he would look if he didn't have Lou Gehrig's disease of course.

    Just last week I was reading The Universe in a Nutshell and remembered one of the theories (not his, but one he covered in the book) that really jumped out at me, where every particle in the universe travels from point A to point B not in a straight line, but through every possible imaginary path through timespace. The striking resemblence and way he was dressed made me imagine that it really was Hawking from an alternate dimension, doing a time travel experiment or something.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I once met my mother's double - scary. She looked like mom, talked like mom, talked to no end like mom :biggrin:, but she was only about ten years older than me. it was quite disconcerting.
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    Wow, that's a great compliment for your mom, the age I mean .
    Wait till I try this one on mine . She'll be over the roof .
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    I saw a chap in his 80s last night, about 5'2", about 6 stones, wearing tweed trousers, a skinny black t shirt, thick black glasses, and a green baseball cap with yellow letters spelling "fresh".
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