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A teaser from deustch

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    this is from his website:
    "In what class of 4-dimensional spacetimes does there exist a real, non-constant scalar field φ with the following properties:

    It obeys the wave equation: ◻φ=0
    Its gradient is everywhere null: ∇φ.∇φ=0"
    somehow i think it is concerned with his work, but what is its siginificance?
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    I believe this is the link:http://xxx.lanl.gov/ftp/quant-ph/papers/0401/0401024.pdf

    As to the significance :) I'll leave that for now, while Deustch is a remarkable thinker, I wonder if you could place a link with relevance to the context of your post, others may then want to comment on any significance?
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    i got the question from deustch's website, in the question section.
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