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A text problem

  1. Jun 3, 2003 #1
    I tried to solve it by knowing that a, b, n, and R are constants, so only V, T are variables.

    So I did this:

    P = nR(dT/d(V-nb)) - ((an^2)*(-2V^-3))

    but I still didn't get the correct answer. I believe I did something wrong, could someone help me out?
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    The question says "If gas in a cylinder is maintained at a constant temperature T". So I don't think T is a variable. Does the answer contain somthing like dT/dV? I don't think so because T isn't a variable.
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    not only does the answer including T, it has a, n, in it too.
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    Is the answer
    -nRTV/(V-nb)2 + (2an2)/V3 ?
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    If T isn't a constant but a variable, I would expect (dT/dV) as part of the answer. (chain rule)

    By the way, remember you need to use quotient rule when differentiate (nRT/(V - nb)) with respect to V as V is in the denominator
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    dT/dV will not be in the answer, as T is assumed to be constant, so therefore does not depend upon V.
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    Yep how did you get that?
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    T is constant in this question

    =d/dV [nRT/(V - nb) - an2/V2]
    =d/dV [(nRT/(V - nb)] - d/dV (an2/V2)
    now take all the constants out to the left hand side of d/dV
    =nRT*d/dV [1/(V-nb)] - an2* d/dV (1/V2) .......................(1)

    The blue part:
    [1/(V-nb)] = (V-nb)-1
    d/dV [1/(V-nb)] = -1*(V-nb)-2 = - 1/(V-nb)2
    (the power rule)

    d/dV [1/(V-nb)]
    = [(V-nb)d/dV (1) - 1*d/dV (V-nb)]/(V-nb)2
    (the quotient rule)
    = (0-1)/(V-nb)2
    = - 1/(V-nb)2

    the green part
    d/dV (1/V2)
    = -2V-3

    I think you can do it because you got it right in your first post

    Substitute the blue part and green part back to (1), then you'll get the answer.
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    Is that yoda guy smart or what? WOW
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