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A third question - epilogue

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    Since my last thread was terminated so quickly, I just thought that I would make a few comments that might help explain to some my motives for my techniques and to give anyone a chance to reply to my last post. I would be especially interested in comments from Astronuc on my observations of planetary magnetic fields.

    First, my reasons for pressing so hard for the information that I desired: After constantly hearing about the ongoing nuclear proliferation in the world I’ve realized that global nuclear war is absolutely, irrevocably inevitable. The only hope for preserving mankind is to get him off this planet onto other planets and especially to other star systems. The Bible has foretold nuclear war for over 2000 years. Of course the terms and technology were non-existent during biblical times so the only resource the prophets had for explaining what they saw was to describe their effects. “Their flesh shall consume away from off of them while they stand.” - Zachariah 14. In short, the results of the first nuclear war will destroy about 90% of the world’s population, including the U.S., taking about seven years altogether. With the loss of 90% of the world’s population the intellectual resources will also be diminished by the same amount, probably more because intellectuals tend to concentrate together. So, I think that it is important that we work together now because nuclear war is already a lit fuse. But, I have to say also that this generation is close to the least worthy in history for going to the stars. The moral character of the world is extremely low. We need men and women of high moral character, a mixture of all races, to populate the galaxy and the universe.

    Second, some of the information that I posted on my various threads has been removed by truncation and closure. In a free society this is probably not a good idea. I know that you’re trying to protect secrets. I already knew that going into to this but I needed to establish some credibility so that I could get better information in my last thread. It’s part of the give and take of life. The host of this site should not really be involved in censorship, even if they do think it’s for a good cause.

    As far as getting credit for my observations, I’ve had people stealing my ideas and taking credit for my work all my life. Why should people on this site be different? I gave up on getting credit for my concepts years ago. I just wish that this site could be an honest exchange of ideas instead of an information management site.

    I would appreciate some closing comments by some of the people who have participated and from those observing.
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    Well, I have to say your post is quiet interesting...

    It's good to see that some people still today believe in the bible.
    I think that a nuclear war is ,also, inevitable, but probably due to the fact that the U.S (and this is no offence to the people) tries, at least on a political level, to control the world. Even though they are the most powerful country in the world their motives are quiet methodical and systematic. E.g the latest war in Iraq was a act against humanity, probably worser than the holocaust. George W. Bush weiged war on another country, with no proof of WMD's - and they claim is was faulty intelligence. - Yeh somebody accidently created satellite photos of WMD locations. Futhermore this war was purley for money - oil, for fueling Bush's greed and for payting back favours - through connections to the middle east.
    - And the worst of it all is that Condelleza Rice and Colin Powell - and even Donald Rumsfeld can't take responsibility for that, because they as well are filthy liars.

    Today has come the day where a country can kill, murder, slaughter innocent people and no one can do nothing about it. - Meaning the U.N who are a conglamorat of the worlds countries.

    - So tell me, if the U.S had ' bad intelligence ' how did they have good intelligence to predict the location of their bombing runs when they tor up Iraq from the skies with missles? Obviously they did not, and most of the casulties where civilians... What was America expecting to find, the weapons - biological and chemical that they gave to Iraq 20 years ago for the fight against the kirds of Iran???

    The truth is that politics governs the world, and the rich and/ powerful and corrupt are the politicians of today. Give the military back to the military. Let military decisions be made by the armed forces...(that way if a country is under attack - only then can you retalliate and protect your motherland)
    Soon enough, a country like North Korea will get sick of this U.S led war on people and fire a couple of Nukes into America.

    Imagine the audacity after the catastrophy Iraq, to look upon Iran and pursue them for WMD??? These people are sick - and as the bible says, they will be stopped...

    Yes Bush is a evangelist prodestant christian - the only problem is that i missed the part about christ teaching christians to kill others - innocents


    Furthermore, the only way that space flight will truly open up if proper rocket engines are created...

    All our rockets are chemical today - and that just means that we are carrying large fuel tanks with up and unloading fuel when necessary. This would be the same with current NTR - using Hydrogen as a fuel.

    The suns in the universe create all of the elements that we know, all the ones on the periodic table, and there are none other. - Except for man made ones. Possibly there are other elements out there - but it doesnt look good.

    So the most powerfullest means of propulsion we have to rely on today is that of Nuclear Power - and maybe down the track, once the creation process is perfected, anti - matter can also be used.

    But we need to figure out how to take the nuclear fuel - the great amount of power per atom - and use it on a sub atomic level. Therefore in the future all space vehicles can be fitted with small nuclear rockets - that have small nuclear fuel supply cores - yet they are abundant - at least for the pilot of that ships life-time...

    And this type of engine, I will be looking forward to build for the future - to open the door for the human race and make space flight a new medium....The last frontier...
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    This is not appropriate conversation for an engineering forum.
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